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Tuesday, June 30, 2009 ·

cooltext424799931Here is the third installation of my Prodigy Developers interview: Sara Chipps – You can find her at  I highly suggest you check out her site. You will find some links below. She is loaded with energy, intelligence and a great thoughts on advancing your career as a developer. 



Who: Sara Chipps:

Where: and Datamation (Search for “Sara Chipps” and review some of her great columns and career suggestions)

Employer: MakeOver Solutions  Site = 

Connect: Sara is open to comments and questions - sarajchipps [at] 


Sara has a realistic approach to communication in the work place and how to interact with others (in work or in the tech community) to learn and grow. She is not afraid to really push herself into uncomfortable areas, then using that experience to succeed and grow. She is very courageous and confident (although she may say otherwise).

Here is the Q&A with Sara.

Production Note: (Each link will take you to just that question/answer)

For reference here is Sara’s latest VLog: Girl Developer the News


Again I think you will see a similar thread here with others I’ve interviewed. In addition to their technical skills, hard work and passion they’ve had a good return on their investment by getting involved in the developer community.  In Sara’s case she is everywhere; writing, speaking, blogging, vloging, answering questions, asking questions, creating her own WAN parties. She is not afraid of doing the uncomfortable for a personal / profession gain.  


What are you doing to get involved in the community?

How have you put yourself into uncomfortable situations to help you grow (knowledge and career)?

Are you learning new things by interacting with other developers.

Do you have a mentor?

Do you really know your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Are passionate about what you are doing?

What are you doing to sharpen your communications skills?


Decide to do at least one thing to increase your value to your employer. Today is the day!


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